Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nehalem Falls Park

Today we took a little trip up to Nehalem Falls Park. It's about 22 miles from where we are camping. There is a beautiful forested campground, more for tenters than RV's but beautiful. We took a hike along the river about a mile. Somehow, Flight and I lost Dave and Zoe along the way and Dave had to come find me.
We had a picnic along the river and then Dave climbed down the rocks and took these pictures of the falls. It looked pretty precarious and he scared me spitless. I was so afraid he was going to fall in, hit his head on a rock and drown, my knees were weak. I was considering whether I would jump in and try to save him, or run up to the road and scream for help from all the twenty something campers there. I always have a plan... I am a product of my mother's vivid imagination, and I am always having to fight expecting the worst, but all was well in the end and I guess it was worth my worry.
We speculated there there must have been a dam there are one time, as you can still see the fish ladder to the right. All that concrete sort of mars the beauty of the falls, but it's still pretty.
Tomorrow we head home, I'm ready, I'm missing the kids. I'll post the new print tomorrow when we get home.


suziart said...

Beautiful country!

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks Suzi!

Renee said...

Product of my mother's vivid imagination -- best line I have heard in ages. Love it.


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