Friday, April 29, 2011

Tybee Island

I just watched a really dumb Miley Cyrus movie, The Last Song, but it was worth it to see the views of Tybee Island, near Savannah, Ga, where I spent some of the best days of my life.
There is a scene towards the end where the white tops of grass are waving against the sea. Gosh, that cold January day? Oh, what fun we had.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fun Weekend

My unfinished painting.
Asparagus marinated in olive oil and oregano.
A Montepulciano (sp?) delicious.
Maiya's first painting. Zoe looks on adoringly. Her arms are too short to paint. Zoe's arms, not Maiya's.

Niki working on her painting, which is one of mine she loved that I got the idea from Ballard Designs. Can't ever sell it, because it's too close to the original, but it's a good learning piece.
Saturday we had the most awesome weather. I got to do KH inspections with Dave in Renton, Sumner and Buckley. Met some interesting people.
Then we had the first barbecue of the summer and it was warm enough to sit outside and eat it! Dave has a new way of cooking steaks he is quite excited about. I forgot to take any pictures.
Then on Sunday, after our meeting, some friends came over. Niki has been after me for awhile to show her some ideas for painting backgrounds, so I had the good idea of asking them over and asking her husband to fix dinner for us all. It was delightful. He made stuffed mushrooms, linguine, grilled salmon and asparagus and Dave did some steaks.
Maiya came too and painted her first painting and I did one too, that is not done.
I had been in a painting slump. I enjoy painting with people, especially one. But that is not possible right now, so it was nice to teach someone something. I think when you are trying to tell someone how to paint, it makes you think so much harder about why and how, you make some leaps. Anyway, it was a a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another thing about listing on etsy

Please put your name and anything that is in the painting people could search in the title. Like if there are feathers and snakes, put that in your title. If there are bikes and birds and breasts, put that in your title. People search for those things. Also, if there is room you can put in the colors. People will find you.
I love seeing your art. It makes me hope.

Arty Stuff and Back Pain

The last couple of weeks has been a blurry haze of pain, painkillers and muscle relaxers. My doctor thinks I have a new bulging disc in my lower back. I am trying to be patient, but it's hard.
I've had a lot of time to sit here, wishing I could paint. I'm about ready to do it anyway.

Here's some things I have been thinking about:
Have you seen this?:
DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground, Pint
For a couple of years I have used plain white gesso for the ground in a lot of my paintings, esp. faces, as you can use watercolor, either pencils or tube watercolors on it pretty well. Anyway, I'm going to get some of this and try it.
My favorite surface to paint on is gessoed masonite. Delightful. No rough holey canvas to worry about, just smooth, buttery, gesso. I love it.

Reading Salley Mavor's blog reminded me that I have wanted to incorporate my love of all things stitchy into my work somehow. So when my head clears from drugginess, I've been thinking how to do that. The most frustrating thing about being an artist is trying new things that don't work. Hours spent making ugly art. But you have to pay the piper. From all that work and frustration comes something original and worth it.

Some thoughts on listing on etsy or ebay or whatever:
Try hard to take a picture of your painting on a wall. Either use a gallery wrapped canvas or frame it. It's worth the trouble. Try to place something in your photo that gives an idea of the size of an item. Making a cool still life out of your painting and other things is also good, it makes the buyer see how they could hang your painting in their house. Be sure and state the size and any other pertinent info. Even your motivation and thoughts while painting the piece are interesting to buyers.

Gotta go, hope this helps!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Salley Mavor!

I have been a big Salley Mavor fan for years, but I had no idea she had a blog or that she has a new book out until I read about it on this delightful blog. You can buy the book on Amazon. Mine is on it's way, I can't wait!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Which My Dog Ate Half a Pound of Bacon

Zoe is not feeling so good. The above picture shows how she feels, I think. I was making one of the best clam chowders of my life, and somehow, (Asher?) she got the remainder down off the counter and ate it, except for 3 pieces she hid in the couch (!!!) She is a piglet, but I imagine she will live. Her tummy was tight as a drum last night.
Asher was here for the weekend and we had fun, although he figured out how to unlock the back door and go out. Scary. He kept saying, "Maw, whatcha doin?" I've been trying valiantly to get him to call me grandma. He does sometimes, but mostly it's Maw. Also, Dave was working on the house and every time he would come in or out, Asher would say, "Hi Papa!" even if it was 2 minutes ago, the last time. And every time, just as excited. At least one million times.