Saturday, July 11, 2009

Astoria and Gearhart, Oregon

Shrimp Louie ala Pacific Way Cafe

It's so cute inside, but I was chicken to walk around and take more pictures of all the rooms.

I think this says that Astoria was founded in 1811. That Lewis and Clark, they got around...

The Blue Scorcher

Yesterday, we went to Astoria and had coffee at the Blue Scorcher. I love that place, but it
seems to be some sort of stomach jinx for me, because I always get sick. I think it's because I can't resist their organic baked goodies.
Anyway, while my tummy recovered we drove up to the Columbia River Estuary, saw a bald eagle, and some poor guy in an ancient motorhome that had somehow torn a hole in his gas tank. There was some action from the fire department over that, let me tell you.
Then for lunch we went to Pacific Way Cafe in Gearhart, one of my favorite places to eat in the world. I had the shrimp louie and it was as good as last time.
Tooday we went to Newhalem Falls, more pics later, Dave took them, so I have to wait for him to wake up from his nap so he can correct them.
When you get pics from me, it's WYSIWYG, but his must be PErFECT. Ahem.


suziart said...

Yum!!! Me loves shrimp!
What cool places to visit.

Julie Fillo said...

Thank you, Suzi!