Monday, June 23, 2008

New Paper Dolls!

I was watching "A Room With A View" (the Helena Bonham-Carter one, not the horrible Masterpeice Theatre one where he dies in the end) last night and was inspired by the beautful girls and clothes to make some more dolls. Gillian, I'm saving it to watch with you again, anytime you can.

My new readers may not know that I am a paper doll maker, besides being a painter. I've been meaning to do some more, and finally finished a few today. Whew! They are a lot of work. They are made out of 300lb (really heavy, almost like cardboard) watercolor paper, and usually they have moving parts, although this one (Darby) does not. I like the schoolgirly look of her. She's for sale on ebay, click on her to see her...

And Lucy Honeychurch, the one in the pink dress, is for sale on Etsy. Clicky, Clicky.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh, poor little neglected blog!

Sorry Folks, things have been quite busy around the old Art Life, but I wanted to share my new Nibblefest listing. It's starting at 99 cents. The theme was "Mist". I also relisted 3 other favorite paintings for a lower start price. Click on the pic to be taken to the auction and select view sellers other items to see the other paintings.