Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I feel like this SALMON! Sizzle! (taken on our camping trip when it was cool and rainy, but that salmon was the best, ever!) Cool and rainy weather, how I miss you, I will never complain again... Who am I kidding? Of course I will! I read an article about not complaining ( while I was in the endodontists office finding out I have to have a root canal on monday and it is haunting me. I'm a complainer. The person who wrote the article wore a plastic bracelet, and everytime she complained she switched it to the other wrist. The first day she estimates she switched 100 times. Today, I probably would have had a bloody wrist from switching.

I am posting with nothing arty to say, I just need to complain for a moment, it's so hot here in Tacoma, WA! It was at least 103 degrees today, a record, and since hardly anybody in western WA has AC, it's ugly. Me and Ash were camped down in the basement most of the day which is a tiny bit cooler than the main part of the house, 92 degrees, and I don't even want to think about how hot it is up in our bedroom.
Also, I'm sorry I have not answered any comments, such nice comments they were, but it has been a struggle with little Ash (4 months old on friday) this week in this heat, and I am saving all my energy for him.
I'm not being a blog princess, I promise!
I have been carving some more blocks and stamps, (when he takes his 15 minute catnaps) I'm getting better, but still figuring it out, so nothing new to share.
I hope you are all cool and having a fun summer.


Atlantic Arts Photography said...

What is up with this heat!?
I can't get any relief... no AC in apt, no AC in car.. warm water only from the tap.. argh!!! I'm actually looking forward to going to blazing-hot Florida next week, just because my family has AC.
This heat brings out the complainer in me, too.

WingingIt said...

the heat is paralyzing for me too...thanks for sharing!!!

Silke said...

Oh, wow, that is hot! We are used to the heat down here, but at least we have air conditioning. I hope you all cool down again soon!! It's exhausting... :) Silke

MMom said...

I am with you! What is with this? I'm thinking we are allowed some complaining when it gets this hot. We are not prepared for this kind of heat in Washington! Ugh.
P.S. Dont worry too much about the Root Canal, they aren't so bad just have a bad reputation!

Jeanne-ming said...

Julie, you have my permission to complain. It's good for you, especially in light of this heat (yes 100 on Whidbey too) AND a ROOT CANAL. I would be bawlin'

Art4Sol said...

I can understand....we're suffering here in Spokane as well...can't wait til we move to a cooler climate. It's so unusual for that kind of heat wave though where you're can't last long!!!! Right?