Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Manzanita, Oregon

A cool place we found today: http://www.coastcabins.com/
They have private hot tubs in each cabin area, but it looks pretty expensive. I really like the intro to the website, it really shows how pretty it is here.
It's in Manzanita, a cute little town about 13 miles from us that we had never been to before.
We also bought crabs from Brighton Marina in Wheeler. http://neahkahnie.net/wheelermarina/They pick fresh ones from a cage in the dock and cook them for you. We had cracked crab, rib eye steaks and baked potatoes for dinner. Sorry no pictures, I have been terribly lazy.
I did make my blueberry muffins this morning, but we burnt them to a crisp. Dave made a valiant effort to eat them, but we had to throw them away. I am used to making them with frozen blueberries and then the oven in the trailer was much hotter than I am used to at home. Be glad I don't have pictures, the smoke alarm in here went off.
Flight and Zoe ran on the beach in Manzanita and terrorized a poor family trying to build a castle. Actually, they think everyone loves them, so they go up to everybody. Sadly, the flopping around they did hoping for a pet ended in the walls of the castle being damaged.
Tomorrow Dave has promised a foxglove photo session, I've been wanting to take foxglove pictures for weeks, and I was so happy to discover that they are a couple weeks behind us in flower blooms, so there are still pretty foxgloves everywhere here.


femminismo said...

Yay, Julie! Glad you got your vacation time in Manzanita too. Sorry about the muffins. Any burnt blueberry muffins is a hurt felt round the world. Yes, that's a gorgeous intro to the cabins. They should let us "nice" people stay there for free, I think. I enjoyed the fresh, late foxgloves too. It's always nice to have these late bloomers to enjoy after ours in the valley are gone - Jeanne

TattingChic said...

Oh! I love foxglove blossoms! I look forward to your pics. :)

Art4Sol said...

What a wonderful time! The way summers should be spent.

mindy said...

so cool to read your post about manzanita! i cannot wait to go there in october. i bet it will be pretty chilly but i love cold weather. these hot arkansas days are killin me :-)

PBsArtStudio said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! You make me want to go there!~P