Thursday, September 8, 2011


No, I am not trying to earn money to pay for the remodel.
It's THIS kind of stripping:
 This is my studio, drywall up and taped, getting textured tomorrow
 And this is my sweet drywaller, Rex. He is awesome. We have known each other for probably 40 years. It was fun to catch up and watch him work. I made him lots of lattes.
So I have spent most of the last two weeks in what I now refer to as the stripitorium. It's in the carport behind the fifth wheel, and I am using a heat gun and various scrapers to take off most of 107 years of paint off our windows, doors and trim. It's awful and tedious, but I am getting pretty good at it. I have to wear a mask to save me from lead paint dust and vapors, and apparently singing along to Mumford and Sons with my ipod and inside the mask was quite audible to family. They told me I need to beware of my singing scaring little children.

PS, Michelle, Guthrie is a furry grandchild that we puppysit sometimes.