Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 46 - 52 week project 5x7 print Girl With Fern

This is week 46, just listed on etsy for $2.
I did this one in my moleskine too. I love that paper, the ivory color is such a lovely base for skin tones. Or at least my favorite weird skin tones. One person, after coming in my house and viewing a huge painting I had just done, that I was wildly proud of, asked me. "Is she dead?" So I guess my skin tones don't look so healthy.
Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about my first embroidered 1 inch square. See the post below if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Friday, February 26, 2010

39 squares with Amy from Inspire co

Starting on Monday, I'm going to do this sampler with Amy from INspire co. I'm excited! Won't you join us?

This is Amy's sampler and picture. I'm going to try to post my square every day too. There has not been enough embroidery in my life or on this blog. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 45 - 52 week project 5x7 print British Soldier Lichen

I have loved mosses and lichens since I was a child and my favorite lichen is 'British Soldier'
I've painted a monumetal version, since it's bigger than the girl in the painting, in real life it's only and inch or two tall. It's done in my moleskine with paint and colored pencil and a bit of ink.
The husband and dogs and I spent the weekend camping at Pacific Beach. It was glorious, 60 degrees and sunny with clear blue sky and light winds. It's not unusual to have a sunny day in February on the Washington coast, in fact our first date was on a sunny day in Feb about 36 years ago. But it IS unusual to have several days in a row of sun this time of year, especially when we have decided to go camping. I feel refreshed and ready to face a new week. I hope my gentle readers had a lovely weekend too.
I watched so many movies: Billy Elliot, Wonder Boys, Flicka, and finally, Julie and Julia. I LOVED it. It made me want to spend 200 bucks on a Le Creuset pan and make some boeuf bourguignon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 44 PRINT project 5x7 print Caught in the forest

So this is my latest painting. I drew it a week or so ago and have been thinking about it a lot since. It illustrates pretty well how I have been feeling lately. Like there is a pretty world, and beautiful forest, that I am in, but I'm caught by a chain of events that I have no control over. If none of my collectors ever feel this way, I understand, it's just what I was able to paint today. I did it in my moleskine, so there is another side to the page. If anyone wants to whole thing, please let me know and I will set up a listing for it on etsy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

Here is a picture of some of our guests. They were pretending for the moment to be rooting for the Saints. Dave and Ken played cribbage and had no interest in the SB, except they spent a few moments watching the Who at the half.
If you want to see new videos, go here. They are almost all of the grandkids and the dogs. I'm uploading a couple more right now that will be available in the next hour or so.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 43 PRINT project 5x7 print Flowers in A Turquoise Vase 2

Wow that was a good game! I was the only Saints fan out of 16 here, so it was extra sweet. Who Dat?
Here is my new print for this week. It's the second in the series and matches last weeks print.
Thanks for your support everyone, I really appreciate that. Only 9 weeks to go. Really can't believe it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A lovely day and a giveaway

The sun is shining and it's warm outside, people! In Tacoma, Wa! I have my doors open for fresh air. The grandsons are here, Asher is playing in the new play area we made him (all my new decorating for naught, because we realized that Ash was not safe without fencing and gates to keep him corralled because we have scary basement stairs and a greyhound that does not take kindly to baby pinches) and Skylar is playing some game which probably includes blood and gore, but I am not thinking about that. I'm thinking how these boys heal my broken heart. I've been drawing, a new whale painting and a lady hanging from a branch, which may or may not be me.
I also made Chili Verde for a superbowl party we are going to tomorrow. My son in law says it might be the lamest superbowl party ever. He says it will be more like wine and chess with the TV on because none of us are big football fans. Or really even football fans at all. I like the commercials and the idea of having a reason to have a party on a february afternoon. He's going to a real superbowl party in Miami with his real family. I'm pretty sure our food will be better, though.

This is where Sky and I want to live. Wouldn't it be cool to live in those trees with that canopy?
New whale and moon drawing. You can see sunshine shadows!

Lady hanging from a branch... with unfinished ferns
Skylar and I working on the dining room table. Or actually, we are both playing.
Asher's new cage, he has such amazing motor skills that he was climbing the fence a couple minutes after we put it up. We joked that we might have to install razor wire next.

Ok, giveaway. The first 10 people to post here and tell me about their Saturday will get a free 5x7 print.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A new painting and my Jenny Elkins pillows

These are my pillows that Jenny Elkins made for me. Here's a link to other pillows she has made. Aren't they so cool? I adore the lady with her hands behind her back. She's hiding some candy back there, I think. And the couple? Her purse? His hat? Awesome! I live in fear that the Greyhound will decide they look like toys for her to chew up.

I just finished a new painting, it's called, "Once We Were Five" It's 10x20 on gallery wrapped canvas, painted with acrylics and charcoal. Available on etsy in a few.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 42 - 52 week project 5x7 print Flowers in A Turquoise Vase

Here is this weeks print. I did it in 2008 but I don't think I have ever shown it online and I tweaked it a bit today. It is very inspired by an artist that used to sell on ebay, her name was Sofia or Zofia, I think. If anyone knows where to find her online, I would sure like to know. I loved her work.
I also need to post pictures of my pillows I got from Jenny Elkins, but I have not been able to get good pictures of them.