Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work in Progress Photos

This is not finished, it's a painting, one of three that I did for my bedroom, heavily inspired by Ford Smith. The colors are more vibrant, I took this with flash and if I wasn't so lazy and taking care of a 9 week old baby, I'd take a new one.

This shows red underpainting and charcoal sketch. also upside down, but I'm too lazy to flip it, you get the idea though, right?

The beginning of leaves, literally hundreds of leaves. This is the painting I was working on Memorial Day weekend, I've meant to post the WIP photos before this, but you know how it is.

Ok, the process is, red underpainting, sketch with charcoal, then paint leaves, and then background, then wipe away charcoal and hope...

Did you all see that I have figured out how to post under my photos? !!! I have been trying to figure out how for months, all I did was look in blogger help. Go figure.
Also, I have removed the blocks on commenting, people keep telling me they try to comment and can't so I'm going to try this for awhile, before I got spam, but we'll see, I love hearing what you all think. Hopefully, posting these paintings will make me finish them.

I also added a playlist widget, but it's not all there for some reason, but you can still play the music and see my awesome musical genuis. I also disabled the thing where it turns on automatically because I hate being assaulted by other musical taste when I try to read their blog, in fact as generous at I am at flogging others blogs, I delete ones with annoying music. That's how I roll.
Asher fussing, must go. Love you all.


Hilde Heimdal said...

Beautiful painting:)))

Micki said...

I love seeing wip photos, thanks for sharing!
And I also totally agree about other peoples music tastes on their blogs lol thats why I have no music on mine, too many would be offended by my tastes ;)

Micki x

Renee said...

Julie these are amazing. I love them and all the leaves. Excellent.

I love how you roll babe.


Kim Rae Nugent said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you for sharing this WIP - I really like seeing it progress & do hope posting the pics has lit a fire underneath you. :)

and thanks for disabling the autoplay ... I sometimes sneak on blogger at work & there's nothing more embarrassing than hearing non-spa music suddenly blare throughout the building.

lilylovekin said...

Love all the leaves on the new painting. I'm glad to hear where to go to learn how to leave comments under photos on your blog. I've been trying to figure out how to do that also, Thanks. Have a nice day. Lorrie

femminismo said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Gives me ideas for my own tree painting. I will have to try some of your tips. Charcoal, huh? Hope? Good combination, it looks like! Hugs and kisses to the baby! - Jeanne

suziart said...

This is just lovely! I wish it was mine!!hee hee
I will have to try the charcoal thing!
And I love all the leaves, what a terrific pattern.

Diane said...

This is so pretty!!! I loved reading about the process...thanks for sharing! It looks great! Get some rest!

Iglitza said...

Hi! I really like your work. And this project would make a great stainglass!