Sunday, June 14, 2009

100th post! week 9 print and a giveaway!

Wow, big doings in the art life blog, it's my hundreth post and I am posting week 8 print, which is a Hopeful Ballerina, again in honor of Renee. You can buy a print on etsy for 2 dollars if you click on the picture.

Also, if you leave a comment on my blog in the next week, you could win 4 of the 5x7's from my print project.

In honor of my 100th post, I am also giving away a free 8x10. You can pick from any of the prints in my etsy shop.

So leave a comment and win something!


Renee said...

Congratulations Julie, and what a generous giveaway.

Your ballerina is beautiful. I am glad that she is hopeful.

Thank you dear heart.

Love Renee xoxox

Renee said...

Julie, obviously this is not an entry, just wanted to say that I was looking at your bear and girl with red eyes. Fantastic.

You are so working it.


Tammy said...

Hi Julie,
Oh Please do not feel bad.
This was our first time doing this, and the bids were not many.
But, I am going to try again next year 2010 in hopes that we can do much better.
We raised a little something for Alexis's treatment, which makes us all happy.
God Bless, and Thank You for thinking of us.

Love your Print, and Renee she is such a wonderful person.
Have a great week!

lilylovekin said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. You have been busy with alot of writing and painting!

femminismo said...

The hopeful ballerina is lovely. Thanks for your comments to me and I would love to win a print of yours. I love the way you have of shadowing and highlighting. I want to practice more on doing this myself. Best to you, Jeanne

Tammy said...

Whoops, I am sorry.
Not sure who the other Julie is that left a comment regarding the auction.
Disregard the above message.
Have a Great Week!

Renee said...

So I'm just sitting outside, enjoying the sun, having a cup of tea, talking to Flo, see the mailman walk by.


Julie she is beautiful. You have the ability to paint the eyes so that the sould is captured.

I love her, she is my very best friend now, but I told her I have to frame her and she said that it was okay.

Oh my God. I love it Julie.


Love Renee xoxoxo

Hope the boys are good today.

Barbara said...

I love your artwork and this one is wonderful! Congratulations on your 100th post. I hope there are many, many more to come!

Julia said...

Happy 100th Post!...I love your work...esp the delicate dancer, look forward to seeing more of your lovely posts and work...xx

Pease Porridge said...

Love your work Julie!

Stop by and see one of your prints framed on my blog.


Julie Fillo said...

Thanks Renee,
I'm so happy you like your painting! Thanks about the red eyed girl and bear.

Tammy, thanks about the print!

Lily, Thank you!

Jeanne, Thank you about the highlighting and shading, I coud certainly do better in that department too. gotta work on that. :)

Barbara, thank you!

Julia, Thank you!

Jennifer, thanks for showing my framed print on your blog.

You girls are all wonderful to take time to give me some positiveness!


Sarah said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!

I love your work - it has such a soulful charm that I could look at it all day. You are so talented x

Ces said...

Julie, I just came here to thank you for your gentle and kind words over at my blog regarding Bella Sinclair, beloved friend of mine and Renee's. She is a strong and beautiful woman, incredible artist. We wish her and her daughters well on their new journey. Thank you.

Julie Fillo said...

Thank you, I just feel so sorry, wish I knew all of you better and could help.

Rebecca said...

Please count me in, Julie. I love these prints!


Juty said...

Hello Julie,
I'm in too, i love your paintings so much! Happy 100th post's anniversary !

Tamara C said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! May you have thousands more! And your art is really amazing! I am so captivated by faces and hope to one day be able to draw them. I just signed up to do Suzi Blu's class, so there may be hope yet! :) Have a wonderful week! Tamara

crow said...

yea and i love your work! its great that you share with us.. inspiring work .. creates a reminder to be pass it on eh.. thanks

susan said...

count me in.

GreenErica said...

oooooh I love your nudes! I collect little nudes for my bathroom. And I found you through sandymastroni's blog, you left a comment on her Tate and P Nut/Harry and Houdini post. I'm Tate's mom!

Love your shop!


msartist said...

I stopped by your etsy shop, this is the first time visiting your blog.
How very nice. congrat's on your 100th post.
~ Theresa

Sacred Yoli said...

Beautiful paintings!

laura.towse said...

Love it. You are amazing.
Let's do coffee soon.
Laura T.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie
Your line work is great!Lovely Blog page.... Ballerina so pretty, I like how your work looks femme & delicate.

Sweet blessings, Sarah:)