Friday, June 5, 2009

Brother Bear

I don't know if I've told the blog world that I am pretty much full time babysitting my new grandson while his mom works. He's an absolute delight, but it means I have less time for my dilettante life of old, which means I have little time to paint. But I still NEED to paint. For my sanity. I'm not kidding.
This little work on paper was done yesterday on the hot, hot deck after my grandma-ing duties were over yesterday. (over 90 degrees in Tacoma yesterday, hot sticky baby, hot sticky me)
I was inspired by a guy I found on flickr that paints these awesome realistic portraits and then paints the eyes out in red. I'll try to find him later to show you.
Anyway, here's "Brother Bear" 8-1/2 X11 on paper.


Renee said...

I love the picture. Fantastic job.

Renee xoxo

Julie Fillo said...

thanks renee!