Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 7 - 52 week Project 2 Prints!

Sunday Best 1 and Sunday Best 2
To make up for last week with no new work, I have two prints to offer in the 5x7 size for $2 each, free ship as usual. I have decided that I am only going to offer the $2 price for a few days and the print will go up to $5 until they are gone.
As always, click on the picture to be taken to the etsy for sale page.
These are new versions of these paintings, I had sold them at a show and had never had good pictures of them, so I thought I would do them again for the project.
I'll be posting tomorrow with pictures of our camping trip.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

My treat before I go to bed is to do a tad bit of blogging. It always puts me in a relaxing mood . Your art work post really helped tonight. It put a smile on my face. I am still a bit upset from my early morning encounter with mean people ( I blogged about it today)... julei

Art4Sol said...

I bought a couple of your prints...they're so cute...thanks!

Beverly said...

I like the Bobbsie Twins. Reminds me of mine (except they were boy/girl).

Beverly said...

Meant to thank you for allowing me to purchase your print. LOVE IT!!

sleepypillow said...

Love your paintings. I really like how your characters got subtle expression.