Sunday, May 17, 2009

week 5 Julie Fillo 52 Week Project "Three Bears "

Here is my newest print. I've returned to the theme of the scary or not so scary bears. Some people think they are being protective. You can think that if you want.

It will be on etsy in the 5x7 size in a limited run of 10. 2 others will be given away.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Lucky Winner!! Is the bowl on an ink drawing of yours ?? Look fun. Julie

Julie Fillo said...

Hi Julie,
It's actually some fabric from IKEA, my girls used it for a tablecloth for an outdoor dinner party we had last night.

femminismo said...

I love this painting. Ooh! I don't know about those bears. It looks to me like "butter wouldn't melt in their mouths." I don't trust them for one minute. Run girls! Run! - Jeanne in Oregon

Renee said...

I think your art is fascinating.

Renee xoxo

Denise Burden said...

Another brilliant painting. Love the expressions on the bears faces and the restricted use of colour.

lilylovekin said...

The bears don't look scary just serious. They remind me of myself at work always so serious. Lucky winners of the prints

joanne May said...

I love this picture it makes me smile.:)
I think the bears are being protective but maybe of their future lunch!:)
Great image Julie.

joanne May said...

Hi Agian,
I have just bought 2 of your lady prints.
I hope you received payment ok?
Best wishes Jo.x