Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 6 Julie Fillo 52 Week Project "Lucy In a White Garden"

This print is available on etsy in the 5x7 size for $2 free shipping in the US. A limited edition, it's week six of my 52 week project. There will be only 10 prints available in this size and price. Click on the picture to be taken to etsy to buy one.
Well, I'm feeling pretty frustrated, because I have been unable to scan and download my new work for this weekend, I'm having computer problems, so I am going to post my standby print, Lucy in A White Garden. I really wanted to have something new every week, at least something I actually painted that week but it's more important to have something good up and I will make up for it next week with the ones I did today.

I also got a lot of painting in on some large tree paintings I am doing for myself for our bedroom. I took WIP photos, and will post them tomorrow or tuesday.

It's been a glorious weekend, lots of family time and al fresco dining and painting.
This wednesday we are going camping until Sunday at the beach, so if you buy a print after tuesday afternoon, I won't be able to mail it to you until next week.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


Char said...

Can't wait to see the tree project you are working on. Love Trees!

lilylovekin said...

Computer problems are so frustrating. We are having internet problems so I have to leave the house and go to a local cafe for Wifi.Hope your camping trip was fun.

Anonymous said...

So lovely! Love the long body and tights with little shoes.

Art4Sol said...

Lovely addition. I wish a bird would land on my head...I would be honored.

Jo said...

Beautiful! Your art is so inspirational... I'll be back to visit again soon:)