Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something new- Linen Bracelets

I'm working on something I'm excited about. These little linen bracelets. Silk thread, velvet ric rac, mother of pearl buttons on a comfy soft linen bracelet. The closures will be loop and button or a snap, what do you think?


Valerie Lorimer said...

I think these are delightful, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Julie I just love them ! So sweet


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

They are so pretty! I really love them - and they look so fun to make!

jone hallmark said...

sooooo cute!
don't you LOVE stitching on linen?
..so satisfying and comfy to wear.

super cool, Julie!

Diane said...

Those are clever and gorgeous! I have a lot of lined scraps that I hate to throw away but....what to do with them? Now I know!