Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Note About Chalkboards

From the very beginning of this renovation, I had planned on having a chalkboard paint wall. It changed places several times in the planning stages and the things I worried about turned out to be not a problem, for instance, thought it would be too dark or easily marred. It turns out, what bugs me about it is how messy it looks much of the time. I like the idea of people being able to write on my walls, but in practice it's often annoying. I get Preparation H added to my shopping list, or people scrawl something across something I just drew. So I've turned into a B-word about it, and I'm going to try something else. I'm going to do a mural with chalkboard markers and I'm going to HIDE THE CHALK.
Now if my Dick Blick order would just get here, chalkboard nirvana.


jenny elkins said...

I have always thought a chalkboard wall would be great but, I have always hesitated...I saw your lovely new kitchen and then it made me start thinking that maybe I need one. I have a huge school chalkboard in my house and my husband has covered it with an idea that reminds me of a the guy from a Beautiful Mind but I cant erase I feel like the b-word. :) The house is looking mighty fine!!!!

jone hallmark said...

can't imagine drawing across one of your masterpieces - wow!
wouldn't mind having that in my kitchen, if it had your drawing on it!