Friday, March 4, 2011

Wherein We Embark on a Daunting Project

This is the TV room before.
This is our window in the kitchen that will be replaced so we can have cabinets on that side. I will miss that window, but to have counter space and storage! An 8 year dream.
The TV room now
Yikes! Note cute old wallpaper. (house is 106 years old, and there are layers of old wallpaper) I forgot to take a picture of the plumbing, which is the reason we had to start this remodel now. It's really old, like a lead waste pipe and it's leaking. Scary.
We have moved into the basement so the upstairs can be demoed too. Eventually, we will have new bathroom upstairs, bigger closet with washer and dryer, all new drywall and higher ceilings (hopefully) new windows and a built in bed for the grandsons and other guests. Also hopefully, the wind will not be able to howl through the rooms. Apparently, daylight can be seen through walls all over the place up there.
The TV room will become our office and we will have new kitchen and full bathroom on the main floor. I'm excited! I will post progress photos.


Deb Harvey said...

What fun!!! I can't wait to see the pictures!

I have always loved your style, Julie! Your flower paintings, especially, tug at my heart.

jone hallmark said...

Hello Julie!
My friend, also Julie, and I are once again inspired by your lovely "inchies" that you started last March (2010)
We were wondering if you ever finished that piece and if so, would you consider sharing it in a post?
Personally, I love that the post that we loved had your sweet Zoe tucked under the "blanket"....I, too, am a dachshund fan. I am also a fan of embroidery and would very much like to see how you finished it up.
Thanks so much....and glad to see that you do still paint on occasion.