Sunday, July 4, 2010

Giveaway winners and late print

The winners are comments number 15,11,27 13. I used the random number generator to be fair. I'm too tired to figure out who that is, but if you want, you can count the posts and figure out if you are a winner. I appreciate all the love, you sweeties! If you are one of the winners, please email me at Juliefillo and give me your mailing address, and your 8x10- will be on it's way.
I am going to be late with the print, it will probably be tomorrow, this deck build has kept me hopping! The new print will be titled, "Their mother waits for the garden" It's sort of a self portrait. I have made so much food this weekend and I have been cleaning cupboards and closets getting ready to list our house for sale... I have not had much time for painting, but it's almost done.
Today, our son, Ryan and Niki and Jamie and their dog, Wrigley came and worked on the deck. Here are some pics. Seriously, if these kids had not come in and worked so hard on screwing in screws, Dave would have been doing it until November. And Ryan, he works so hard. Thank you, darling son.
Ryan, such a sweet, good son.
Wrigley. He dances like a Lippizanner Stallion.


Julie Fillo said...

When I count, I get Katey P as #15, Maite as #11, Cameron as #15, and Risa as #27.
I have had two glasses of wine, so I could be wrong.
Also, any of the commenters that is willing to send me $3 for shipping, I will send you a free 8x10 print.

Char said...

Thank you for the above photo's!! The only way I get to see u-know-who lately. Enjoy the deck! Charlene Locher