Saturday, July 3, 2010

Deck Build July 3, 2010

Wonderful friends and our son and daughter in law and son in law came and helped Dave rebuild our deck. I made food and watched and took some pictures. This deck has needed to be replaced ever since we bought the house, 7 years ago. Our son knew someone who was tearing a new deck off a house and got us the wood. It's not done, we still need to make the railing and we are planning to put a grape arbor in along the long side, but we can walk on it and the dogs can go out the back door again to go potty. It's been torn off since Wednesday. We are so grateful for the help, we could have never done it without them.
Ed Dent, his parents, Michelle and David and our DIL, Kim, eating dinner during a break in the work.
Trixy, Aishi and Bryce's arm and legs.
Our son, Ryan and Bryce with his butt in the air
My husband Dave, in the overalls screwing in a temporary support for grape arbor.
Ed on the far end explaining how to lay out the boards so it will look straight...

Our son, Ryan, our SIL, Bryce, and David Dent.
The darling Aishi

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kelly zack said...

wish we could have been there to help!