Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 45 - 52 week project 5x7 print British Soldier Lichen

I have loved mosses and lichens since I was a child and my favorite lichen is 'British Soldier'
I've painted a monumetal version, since it's bigger than the girl in the painting, in real life it's only and inch or two tall. It's done in my moleskine with paint and colored pencil and a bit of ink.
The husband and dogs and I spent the weekend camping at Pacific Beach. It was glorious, 60 degrees and sunny with clear blue sky and light winds. It's not unusual to have a sunny day in February on the Washington coast, in fact our first date was on a sunny day in Feb about 36 years ago. But it IS unusual to have several days in a row of sun this time of year, especially when we have decided to go camping. I feel refreshed and ready to face a new week. I hope my gentle readers had a lovely weekend too.
I watched so many movies: Billy Elliot, Wonder Boys, Flicka, and finally, Julie and Julia. I LOVED it. It made me want to spend 200 bucks on a Le Creuset pan and make some boeuf bourguignon.


Diane said...

We are not so lucky with our temps. today is gorgeous, sunny and almost 40! Feels balmy. Reading about your weekend reminded me of a funny movie about the California wine growers in the 70's called Bottle Shock. I enjoyed the movie most because of the beautiful weather....I know you are not in northern Ca. but u r closer than me!

I love this little drawing. I especially like the way you draw faces.

kelly said...

Cristi Myall and I have been planning on the beouf since we saw it as well, altho I settled for the $59 martha stewart version of le creuset. Can't believe we still have not done it! A testament to how quick time goes

jenny elkins said...

Julie...I got my first piece of mail at my new place. A print from you. Thank you. I love it.
My favorite movie this year was definately J&J. Glad you enjoyed time with your husband.

barbara burkard said... brother was "boasting" on the lovely temps...he took his sail boat out on the sound...with his grandbaby...we are still "balmy with 35 degrees..." loved julie and julia...even if i do follow the recipes...they hardly ever turn out...perhaps i should do them and NOT try to put my own twist on love ya darlin...

the infamous, LADY B...
perhaps one day i shall be a painting of me...hee hee

Butterfly Works said...

I enjoyed browsing your blog; love your work and your words.
Please drop by and visit me; I'd love to have you.
Hugs and Blessings,