Saturday, February 6, 2010

A lovely day and a giveaway

The sun is shining and it's warm outside, people! In Tacoma, Wa! I have my doors open for fresh air. The grandsons are here, Asher is playing in the new play area we made him (all my new decorating for naught, because we realized that Ash was not safe without fencing and gates to keep him corralled because we have scary basement stairs and a greyhound that does not take kindly to baby pinches) and Skylar is playing some game which probably includes blood and gore, but I am not thinking about that. I'm thinking how these boys heal my broken heart. I've been drawing, a new whale painting and a lady hanging from a branch, which may or may not be me.
I also made Chili Verde for a superbowl party we are going to tomorrow. My son in law says it might be the lamest superbowl party ever. He says it will be more like wine and chess with the TV on because none of us are big football fans. Or really even football fans at all. I like the commercials and the idea of having a reason to have a party on a february afternoon. He's going to a real superbowl party in Miami with his real family. I'm pretty sure our food will be better, though.

This is where Sky and I want to live. Wouldn't it be cool to live in those trees with that canopy?
New whale and moon drawing. You can see sunshine shadows!

Lady hanging from a branch... with unfinished ferns
Skylar and I working on the dining room table. Or actually, we are both playing.
Asher's new cage, he has such amazing motor skills that he was climbing the fence a couple minutes after we put it up. We joked that we might have to install razor wire next.

Ok, giveaway. The first 10 people to post here and tell me about their Saturday will get a free 5x7 print.


maryqueenofpots said...

Hi Julie - The kids are looking pretty cute! You seem happy to have them there. My Saturday included doing nothing. We have over two feet of snow here and until about ten minutes ago, I couldn't even get the back door open! I saw some little birdies out there and insisted Kevin get that door open so I could feed them. They were probably wondering what in the world is going on. We are all just hoping the electricity won't go off, as there are 58,000 people with no electricity in the next county over. The poles that hold up the lines are snapping in half. Kevin and Josh got up at 3 a.m. all ready to go shovel snow at work, but some emergency worker woman had her car horizontal across the road and they couldn't get the truck through. They helped her out and came home. They're going to try again tomorrow. I plan to make lasagna and maybe some macaroons, but I hear we are low on propane - not good. I'm very glad we have Mom in an assisted living facility with her husband so we don't have to worry about them. This snow is going to be around for a long time. It's very beautiful but a little scary. My daughter says she feels like she's in a winter snowglobe. I agree, and I can't get out!

tascha said...

Today I enjoyed the sun also! It's been so grey and cloudy lately that I was surprised to see the sun! I went to the art store and got 5 new canvases. I tried on clothes, but my eyes were skinner than my butt and nothing fit! LOL!
Did I win?

Tamara C said...

My Saturday is one big bag of nothing, my friend. I've been entering to win goodies on the One World One Heart Blog Giveaways. Other than that, zip. Zilch. Total lumpiness. Heh Heh.

Right now there is a cat on my left shoulder that I'm holding like a baby (and yet I can still type - yes, I AM amazing! Heh Heh!)and one at my feet demanding to be fed (an hour early, I might add!). Gross. The one on my shoulder is now licking my ear. Urgh. But I love him and allow him this odd habit.

I love the painting "We were once five". I sense a lot of deeper meaning in that painting. I won't share here. Just send you hugs. I am also already in love with the whale painting! And if you are going to sell it, I want to know if you do layaway. Cuz I want it. Badly. A lot.

Please don't use razer wire with Asher. The mess would make it difficult. Chuckle. Gotta love those babies!

Oh, and I need to purchase that original painting we talked about - Poppy Farm Dreams I believe it was. Let me know how to do that. :)

Don't enter me to win a print! I love buying them - it gives me a purpose! Heh! OH! And I just got the joke in your print "CHARLIE HORSE" - he does, in fact, HAVE a charie horse in his leg, doesn't he?! Heh Heh! Made me giggle! Love, Tam

Jonna said...

I would love to have another print to go along with my last print (Peppermint Ice Queen) but is that being to greedy. If you get more than 10 I will bow out and let someone else have a chance.....

My Saturday so far has been great. Spend the morning at a friends house painting some wine glasses for her father (his birthday gift) and this evening having dinner and a party with our Visual Arts group....going to be fun.

martha brown said...

About my saturday? After I finished visiting #1009 on the OWOH bloghop, I puttered around and made some ATCs (steampunk theme) (I haven't made ATCs in a year, but I run an ATC group and the members have asked me to participate :) Then I cozied up in bed and read magazines. All this to procrastinate on what I am really supposed to be doing: report cards. I'll do them tomorrow before our "Not the Superbowl Party" We'll eat chili and wings and watch a movie :)

Julie Fillo said...

There's room for 5 more comments, and of course Tam, I'm gonna send you a print, you can pay it forward, you little angel!

Julie Fillo said...

Oh, and how I love hearing about your Saturdays!
Mary, I hope you keep power. I am not envying the snow at all.
Tascha, having the same problem myself with the clothes.
Tam, LOL about Charlie Horse. You are the clever girl, aren't you?
Jonna, as long as you are not spending all your time playing B games of farkle, we are fine. LOL.
Martha, I want to see your ATC's. I used to do them, but I like to work a bit bigger. I do love the idea of inexpensive art, though.
Thanks for taking the time out of your Saturday to share with me, my friends!

jenny elkins said...

Julie...I woke up this morning and my husband was feeling good enough today to get out. It was a beautiful day with snow everywhere! 6 inches I think. I have a 4wd so nothing stops me. :) We went to lunch and window shopped for a new mattress. Shopping wears me OUT! Came home and made cream of califlower soup for me. Listed a couple items on etsy read my emails and watched the new HBO movie Temple Grandan the woman who is Autistic. It was great. Julie your house looks lovely and I love your work. I am so glad you had a good day. Happy Sunday.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Julie, I sure hope you don't have comment moderation because it says that there are 8 now and I want to WIN!!! Okay so my Saturday has been spent dealing with chronic pain (nothing new) and going to get my taxes done and playing Hidden Object Games from Big Fish Games! I LOVE 'em! Hidden Object Games are my favorite addiction second only to Tatting! :)

Julie Fillo said...

No, I don't have comment moderation, Jeanne, and I am happy you slid in under the wire. :) Actually there are 3 prints left according to my calculation. So sorry about the chronic pain.
Jenny, thank you. I'm glad you got out even with the snow. Cream of cauliflower sounds fantastic.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Julie!
Thanks for the comment on my blog about the giveaway print not making it. Be on the lookout for an email I've already sent. You may have read it by now! Have a great rest of your week and I look forward to receiving your lovely print! :)
Thank you,
~TattingChic ♥