Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camping on the "NOOCH"

We spent 4 days camping with friends at Lake Wynoochee. We also returned to Wynoochee Falls where we got engaged 37 years ago. It was lovely, you can't drive to it anymore, but I made it down there, (and back up)along with 22 of our friends and dogs.

Dear Erin

The Stump he sat me on to propose (we think) 
there are trees growing out of it, 37 years is a long time for a stump.

Ella fell in
Downtown Sean Brown



Fireside, Marina, Carl, Erin and Ella's legs, Sean, Casey

Kelly, Jason, Jimbo
Andy, Erin, Bosco and Wil

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Beverly said...

It looks like a beautiful site to be proposed and to revisit with friends 37 yrs later.