Friday, August 10, 2012

A week in the San Juans, so far

Lime Kiln Lighthouse circa 1919

This is a sculpture of a whale from k-pod, we've been seeing whales from J-pod all week, will post more pictures Dave took, (mama and baby) later this week

Crab Eggs Benedict and the happy cook. Kim and Ryan could only come for a couple of days, but it was fun!

Cooking the first 30 lbs of crab

With tomato seed vinaigrette, Amie made for our lunch today, boys out fishing and they were disdainful of the recipe from Clean Eating, but it was only 220 calories and delish! 
I feel a little guilty about how much seafood we are having this week. The guys have not caught any salmon, but today, a gilnetter GAVE them two 10 lb salmon and Dave grilled it with alder chips. Yum  
We also made Hot Crash Potatoes, shaved brussels sprouts with bacon and capers and we had fresh crab.
Tomorrow night we are going to try Paula Deen's recipe for Crab Cakes.

Micah thought this needed to be recorded for posterity. Dave's posterior.

Dave and Amie, discussing world history

Cattle Point Lighthouse

Amie the kayaker, we've spent the week at a cabin at Snug Harbor Resort and they lend a free kayak or canoe to willing boaters.

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Marble Tile said...

I love your shots. Have you been to the Ithaca NY area. After seeing your Lake Wynachoochie (or whatever it was )pics, I think you'd love all the gorges and waterfalls here.