Friday, October 7, 2011

Studio Sale

I'm having a studio sale, to celebrate moving back into my tiny studio! I will be listing things on etsy all day.If you mention my blog when you check out, I will send you a free print.Oh, what the heck, I'll send a free print anyway.
This picture is in our newly renovated bedroom. I painted our dresser and nightstands black and bought them some new knobs. They look pretty good....Also, I made roman shades for our bedroom windows. They still need some adjusting. We are heavily into the second phase of the remodel, basement just about demolished and the kitchen is next, so everything is still pretty much a mess, except for the sweet haven you see in the picture above. It is so nice.I gotta take some pictures of the finished bathroom, except there is still trim paint to do and masking tape everywhere. But I swear, that shower makes me a nicer person.

***update: I've listed some original paintings for only $10! Check it out!


Michelle said...

Love your new bedroom. I think I could live happily ever-after there. Love the soft grey walls and white trim, and how the black dresser is accented with the white knobs, fitting beautifully into the rest of the room, along with the lamp. Your paintings a the perfect finishing touch.

Michelle said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the brilliant balancing effect the black roman blinds have. It's a perfect room as far as I can tell.

martha brown said...

Have fun in your new studio! I bought a few of your paintings..... They are so beautiful! I should have bought a whale one too.. But I can't hav everything, lol!