Monday, June 13, 2011

What I did today

I'm trying to paint on Mondays for my mental health, but it is not very calm and peaceful when you feel frustrated. I finally painted these 3 birds. I'm not crazy about them. I might paint over, but thinking about them for awhile. Right now they frustrate me.I also traced the pattern for Alicia Paulson's embroidery sampler, which you can download for $6.
Another thing I did today which is kind of scary as far as my mind goes, is I worked for about 2 hours to mail a package. I had all sorts of problems, the bubble wrap smelled like gas, so I had to start over after I got it all packaged and then I couldn't get the label to print for awhile. Anyway, finally got it outside, heard what I thought was the mailman, Zoe barked as usual, and after an hour or so, I decided to check the mail and I see this package outside, and I think, "wow, somebody sent me a package!..Yippee!" I ripped it open.

IT. WAS. MY. PACKAGE. I MAILED. The mailman had not come yet, my package had just fallen off the chair. Losing it. Totally losing it.
In less stupid news, I lowered the price on that green bough painting I did last week. When I first do something, I love it so much, I don't want it to sell, so sometimes I price things too high. :) I'm over it.


julie king said...

i like the birds!!! but i also know how you feel when for whatever reason a painting you do just does not please. of course we are our own worst critics! so funny about the package but you are in good company. i've felt a little scattered lately myself. there are only 2 places i feel "together" -- the shower (total relaxation of routine, routine, routine) and the garden. life is so good int he garden!!

Michelle said...


Julie Fillo said...

Oh thank you Julie and Michelle!
I literally felt faint when I realized what I had done. Sheesh!

jone hallmark said...

More pAiNtInG for YOU!
It will help your brain relax....and give you time just for YOU.....

The birds are fun - you might need to add some happy flowers in the background, though, before it makes you smile.....I agree with julie king about being our own worst critics....rough, isn't it?

Glad you are painting...oh, and don't you LOVE the ABC? Will you paint or stitch?

. said...

I as well like the birds and I hope you'll keep them as is... I loved your post, because it feels great to see that Im not the only one who has days like that... And I need a good giggle. I hope you are having better days now though and the pakage finally got on its way!!!