Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Thank you and a SORRY

I've been totally lame about replying to comments on my blog -for some time- and I'm sorry. I have no excuses, I just should do it and I don't. It reminds me that a few dear people besides my mother and mother in law read this  little thing and I appreciate you all, very,very much.  :) Especially with this long dry spell of not painting, that's what this is supposed to be about and it's rarely been. I feel hopeful that I will paint more....
Please know that I read and think about every comment.

Thank you, dear readers!



Clare said...

Hi Julie - i don't think you need feel that you have to reply to every comment - we leave comments becuase we like what you are saying or painting(please paint lots more) and comments are peoples way of saying thank-you and connecting - but i don't think you should feel pressure - it takes the fun out of it.

Carol Saunders said...

Hi, I really don't mind if people want to use my images, it's very flattering. However, I would have thought it courteous to ask first. Mine is the picture of the girl in the bluebell wood1