Monday, May 30, 2011

Mass Moss

Some camping was had this week, by the Fillos. Dave got to go fishing. I took about a million pictures of moss and ferns and things in the rain forest, where we camped by the Hoh River. We had fun. Then we went to Sekiu, and Dave fished with Micah and Sean. Micah caught halibut, but Dave did not. But fun was still had. The weather was fairly crappy, but surprisingly doable. I made a strawberry summer cake and burned the top of my wrist and played several million games of Mahjong.
 Rialto Beach
 The view of Hoh River from our trailer

Now I've bored you with photos of the Rain forest. But I'm thinking there might be some desert dwelling reader who has never seen or misses the wetness of the forest and mossy padded trees and delightful lichen. How I adore it.
We also drove up to Neah Bay and Dave talked about his favorite chidhood memory ever, which was camping in his parents new 16 foot trailer with the Greens. We think we found the spot. I said, "Why don't you ask your parents?" But I think it is the quest and the memory he likes. The beaches by Neah Bay are incredible. I wish I had taken some pictures. But they are world class. I like thinking about him with his family and me with my family camping up there. Maybe little girl Julie saw little boy Dave all those years ago on some rainy beach and we smiled at each other.
I also heard this song this weekend and it describes exactly how I feel about that man.

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Sarita Li said...

The Hoh River! We used to camp there every year. Once we woke up to see a bull elk crossing the river right outside our tent.