Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 25 Print Peppermint Ice Queen, also some journal pages

As requested I'm going to make the peppermint girl my 5x7 print this week, and I'm also posting some assignment moleskine journal pages from my SuziBlu class.
That girl on the right looks like a bad caricature of Janeane Garofalo, and no amount of reworking has made her prettier. Not that I don't think JG is pretty. I said BAD caricature.
The red haired girl is a take on one SB did for the class, with some Klimt imagery too, can't seem to quiet that obsession.... She has fabric and a handcarved stamp applied to her too, and all sorts of media.
Sorry I have not replied to any comments, I will, it's been a busy week and next week worse.
I will announce the print winner tomorrow.


Cris said...

Your art just keeps coming and coming! Keep it up! The Peppermint girl is wonderful! So cold and icy feeling!

femminismo said...

Peppermint ice queen is right. she's lovely. But I like (very much) every woman you draw. Lovely work. jeanne

Janine said...

Wow Julie these are great! It seems as if you are enjoying yourself in this class! I know I did!

Love you latest works!

Autumn said...

Ha! The Garofalo comments were a crack up--I think the girl on the right is just beautiful. :-) And their leaf necklaces are lovely!

purplecat said...

I love the peppermint queen!!

Maureen said...

The hair on the peppermint queen is awesome. I love seeing all that pattern and shape!

Michelle Eaton said...

These are all lovely :)

Amanda Atkins said...

Hi Julie!
Thanks for your comment the other day...your art is beautiful! I love the peppermint girl.

Linda Crispell said...

Miss Garafalo never looked so good!
The peppermint hair may be the loveliest thing I have ever seen.

Tamara C said...

Fantastic, all of them! The swoopy hair and the shapes are so great! Love, love, love! :)

Renee said...

Julie I love the two girls together. Looks great.

Renee xoxo

Richardson said...

Hi Julie,
Nice paintings. I have lovely ones too, come to my site and have a look.

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks everybody about peppermint girl. I had fun with her. I am really learning from that SuziBlu class, it is making me take leaps!

I feel like I want to take every online class there is. If they would all make me work this hard, that is!