Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 things I have learned (or re-learned)this week

1.You should not apply deodorant right after you shave your armpits. (meet itchy and scratchy)
2. There is no 'e' between the judge and the ment. It's spelled judgment. I have been spelling it and doing it wrong for almost 50 years, probably. I'm going to use spell check more often and work on trying not to judge...
3. You have to let people make their own mistakes. Even if it seems like they are on a crash course to disaster, or if they are not making any choices and seeming to let bad things happen. It's my job to say my piece (or not) and then let it go and just love them anyway. And I do.

edit*** Just got a note from my mother in law, (thank you Martha) She said that you can spell judgement with an 'e'! You can spell it either way. How about that? Since she is older and wiser, I will believe her.


Lille Diane said...

Oh thank goodness for spell check. I try to learn from it though rather than depend on it. sure saves my bacon a lot. #3 is a hard one... I tend to want to fix stuff even if it's not my own... thanks for the great reminders. Hugzzz~

Loudlife said...

Wise words!


P.S. We should meet up sometime when I am in Tacoma, I always forget that you live there. I was just down visiting my sister weekend before last - she lives near Division.

Renee said...

How is one of my most favourite people ever dear Julie?

Love Renee xoxo

Lisa Holtzman said...

Very good lessons. I think I've got #1 down, still working on #'s 2 & 3!

krys kirkpatrick said...

We are all on the same grammar boat together. I always thought there were 2 m's in coming. Actually I just spelled it wrong again...thanks little red line!

violette said...

Hi Julie, Just wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying your art....your faces are so intriguing!

Love, Violette

Julie Fillo said...

Lille Diane, Hugs to you too!

Laurie, that would be fun!

Renee, I'm hanging on. I hope you are too! Thanks for asking, sweetie!

Lisa, I think I will always have to work on 2 and especially 3!

So true Krys. I am ever vigilant but still make mistakes!

Thank you Violette!