Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping on Willapa Bay

We went camping again this past weekend. I had an absessed tooth, so I was no fun at all, but Dave went out exploring without me on Saturday and found places to take me when I felt a little better on Sunday. Sadly, he took a bunch of pictures the first day, but had not noticed there was not a card in his super duper camera.
So these pics were all taken on Sunday morning. We were camping at Raymond RV, which I think might be the best kept secret in the area. It's only $20 a night, hookups, and you have an amazing view of the bay in every site. There are only about 12 sites. We were the youngest people there.

The Hero

A flirty cow

Rose's Farm

Bay Center

This was the view out our trailer window


femminismo said...

Oh, so sorry about the abscessed tooth. That is no fun. Hope it's resolved by now. Willapa Bay looks lovely. Did you yell out "moo" at the cows in the pasture? You would think a fancy-schmancy camera would alert you there is no card. Hmmm. Best to you - Jeanne

Kelsi said...

I want a picture of that cow

Julie Fillo said...

I think my tooth is better, thank you. I did not yell moo, but I actually dragged my sorry tooth aching butt out of the truck to take a picture of that cow because she was staring at me, and Dave took pity on me with my crappy camera and took a good shot. :)

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