Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Keepers of the Bees

Urban farming in Tacoma: Kim and Ryan set up a honeybee hive yesterday. They were gifted some old equipment from her stepdad, Harold, so that's why there is duct tape on her hood. :) It was very exciting there for a few minutes.  They had bees all over them at one point, but not one sting. Today the bees are flying around orienting themselves.
Next up, chickens! Our neighbor, Jordan, is setting up a hen house and said we could put some chickens in there too. I am thinking of getting Barred Rock Chickens, the black and white speckled ones. This is a stock photo:


Janine said...

Great neighborhood you have! I was just telling my husband this afternoon maybe we should set up a beehive...he just laughed!

femminismo said...

Beautiful photo of the chickens. I would like to have some of those! And good to see bee farmers. We can't have enough of those busy fliers. Looks like you are still painting away. I am still loving your painting I got from you. Lovely Lady of the Flowers.