Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The downstairs bath

You will understand my excitement about this little bath being almost finished, if you remember that for 8 years the only toilet on the main floor or for basement was on the landing to the basement stairs. No sink, just a sad little toilet with the anxiety upon using it that at any moment, someone could come up the stairs. You had to wash your hands in the kitchen sink. Yuk. People would invariably laugh or gasp on seeing it. I wish I had a picture, but if you never saw it, you can imagine, I guess. This is a milestone. Jayson Gatchell of Versatile did the tile on this bath too, and he is awesome. I can't wait until he does the kitchen backsplash.
Still there is trim to do, around the window and door, and we need a shower door, but isn't it sweet?


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Yes its a very sweet bathroom.
by the way, i love your blog

Michelle Dent said...

I love your bathroom. The colors are divine.