Monday, July 18, 2011


I painted 3 large paintings today, 30x40". I've been wanting to paint some serene skies and low hills, and I needed to paint something for a dear man who detailed my disgusting car. I hope he and his wife like one of them for their bedroom.
I adore painting skies! I forgot I liked it so much. As I painted today I was entertained by my son who was singing along to music in Paul Oswald's voice. If you know Paul, you know how funny that is. I hope he does not read my blog.
Anyway, we woke up to a day that looked like October, but the sun came out later and we had dinner outside. Turkey tacos. Also had a lovely weekend with Asher. See that little pirate giving me a cherry? Life is good.
My husband and son are working themselves silly on the remodel, but the framing is almost done and plumbing and electrical are going in. Sadly, the ceiling in our bedroom and bath cannot be higher after all, but my studio!!! has sort of a pointy high new ceiling, like a turret. It's going to be so lovely. Ryan made a space for Asher and Skylar and other guests to have a sleep in a built in bed. And my studio closet is twice as big as it was. Hopefully form and function will finally meet in there and it will be cleaner than it used to be.
So here are the paintings, as of this afternoon. They are farther along now. I am looking at them and deciding what needs to be changed. At one point Ryan and I were calling one of them Cloud-pocalypse because I went a little crazy with clouds.Also Cloud-maggedon. But that was bad.
Please don't pay attention to the messy pile of Fine Homebuilding mags on the floor and the big hole in the living room where the closet used to be. It's a remodel, folks. And Fine Homebuilding must be consulted fairly often.


Michelle said...

Oh, Julie! I Love painting clouds, and I love your beautiful sky paintings!

Aishi said...

what a great title. speaking of cloud-pocalypses, there was a crazy one sunday night that swept over the sound. we actually ran outside and watched it come in, very foreboding looking. i'm glad this cloudy gloomy weather is good for something!

Clare said...

Julie these are so serene - which seems funny that you produced such calm and peaceful art work when your house is being remodeled with all the chaos that goes with that - !

Me said...

Yum! I don't know what is more fun; looking at those beautiful skys, that little monkey with the fruit, or your home!!!! :)
I'd love to convert an attic space we have into a "play ground for art" but there are too many other projects that get first dibs on our Find Home Building magazine reference materials. Best of luck.

jone hallmark said...

NICE clouds.....really nice.