Monday, April 25, 2011

A Fun Weekend

My unfinished painting.
Asparagus marinated in olive oil and oregano.
A Montepulciano (sp?) delicious.
Maiya's first painting. Zoe looks on adoringly. Her arms are too short to paint. Zoe's arms, not Maiya's.

Niki working on her painting, which is one of mine she loved that I got the idea from Ballard Designs. Can't ever sell it, because it's too close to the original, but it's a good learning piece.
Saturday we had the most awesome weather. I got to do KH inspections with Dave in Renton, Sumner and Buckley. Met some interesting people.
Then we had the first barbecue of the summer and it was warm enough to sit outside and eat it! Dave has a new way of cooking steaks he is quite excited about. I forgot to take any pictures.
Then on Sunday, after our meeting, some friends came over. Niki has been after me for awhile to show her some ideas for painting backgrounds, so I had the good idea of asking them over and asking her husband to fix dinner for us all. It was delightful. He made stuffed mushrooms, linguine, grilled salmon and asparagus and Dave did some steaks.
Maiya came too and painted her first painting and I did one too, that is not done.
I had been in a painting slump. I enjoy painting with people, especially one. But that is not possible right now, so it was nice to teach someone something. I think when you are trying to tell someone how to paint, it makes you think so much harder about why and how, you make some leaps. Anyway, it was a a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Janine said...

I am so happy you are painting again!

Michelle said...

Me, too, Julie! What a fabulous weekend.

Cris said...

This post made me hungry!!!! And very eager to paint again. I have been too busy... :(