Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oswald and Band of Horses

We got to be grandparents this weekend, had Asher starting friday night. It's been an absolute delight. Terrible, but I adore watching TV with him, especially little kid shows. When something particularly good comes on, he turns and smiles at me, just like someone I love does. We watched this episode today, the quality is terrible, but I LOVE this cartoon, love the music, love the artwork, love the sentiment. And Oswald has a weenie dog like our Zoe.
I got hooked on it when we had Asher for 2 months and every time we watched it was a very peaceful few moments, because he loves it, (also Kipper The Dog) and is one of the few parts of the day when I could just sit still with him.

This episode starts in the middle, but I thought particularly poignant. Oh, the people and dogs we lose in our lives! I hope they all come back.

Also, did you see Band Of Horses was on Austin City Limits this week?

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