Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cabin in Plain, WA Leavenwerk

I was privileged to be invited on a long weekend at a snowy cabin. I got to be the 'mom' to a bunch of youngsters, it was beautiful and we had such a good time. Thanks, Chelsey.

Topless snow angel, as loss for a prolonged poker game
Camp Leavenwerk
Mckinley and Brewster
Sweater for Asher, almost done, he might be able to wear for two weeks before he grows out


Michelle said...

Julie, I feel your happiness...

Diane said...

Yes, a great little getaway!

Heather said...

I use to have a dog like McKinley. She was one of my favorite dogs. She was so sweet.

Janine said...

Julie, it is good to see you back at your blog! This cabin looks so cozy!

I read about the windstorm. Wasn't that horrible last night? At least ours was last night. I live on the East side foothills. We managed to come out of it fine but our neighbors had a huge fir crash into their house and it did a lot of damage. It is so surreal to see!

Jaime said...

The woodwork in this log cabin is absolutely gorgeous! And the rustic wood dining table is very befitting as well.