Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 7 print 3 Pears

This painting was originally painted in 2008. It has had at least 3 backgrounds, and I never felt good about it until this incarnation. There is another painting that goes with it that has cherries!
I finished reading Andrew Wyeth, A Secret Life. Gosh, what a story! I highly recommend the book if you are interested in how an artist makes decisions. I remember when the Helga paintings came out, all the speculation about what was going on. It is fascinating to read the family's official stand on that. This book was written while he was still alive and with his blessing.
Here is the Wiki article about him.


Cris said...

Oooh I love this one! The colors are wonderful, the pears look juicy~ Also, your birds are all so cute!

Škorčica said...

So "juicy" painting! :) - I like the colours.

Diane said...

Oooh, it just pops of the page. And thanks for the info on the book too!!

carol gourley said...

Hi Julie:
I just really wanted to let you know I love your art. It just makes me smile when I see it.

jone hallmark said...

Wow! This one is really wonderful!
You are so inspired!

The previous one, with the birds, is lovely, too. But, these pears and the flowers - wow - you are incredible!

Thanks, again, for sharing your creative imagination.

femminismo said...

What a great painting! I have got to get into doing something like this or I'll go craaazzzyyyy!