Friday, May 14, 2010

Year 2 week 4 print project Birds and Flowers 1

I am posting my new print for this week early, because we are on road trip to ND starting today.
The prints will not ship until May 25th. Available on etsy for $2, limited edition of 12.
"Birds and Flowers 1"
I could never have painted this painting with out the lovely photography by Mirror Lake on flickr. His images used by permission.


meyerprints said...

rachel awes said...

blue bell
blue bird
blue art

Fair Rosamund said...

Hi Julie, just wanted to let you know that I have a Sunshine award for your lovely blog! It is here if you want it:

Have a good weekend! ~Lauren

Kim Mailhot said...

gorgeous tweeters ! love their sweet faces poking thorugh the beautiful foliage.
Happy Tuesday, Julie.

oolie51 said...

Dear Julie-
My dear friend Jone Hallmark introduced me to your blog and fabulous artwork...WOW! We are both in love with your "inches" embroidery idea and hope to intoduce the idea at a Julie Arkell stitching workshop in the south of France this July! Your teeny-tiny embroidery designs in the inches are just marvelous....they make me drool!!!!! Can you please post how the project has been progressing? Thank you! I am totally inspired by you! Julie Hesse