Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Goes On, Or, How I Go To My Happy Place

Zoe guarding the new pillows, see the new ones, the little ladies to the right?
The paintings Isabella is looking at


New procion dyes and silk velvet to dye


more stitching

Even when it feels like there has been a nuclear war in your life, you still have to go on. You still have to keep breathing, you still have to figure out how to live. So I can go to a happier place by creating. I sing to myself and pray and try to imagine a time when things won't be this hard. I stitch and I paint and I endure. This what I have been working on, Teesha Moore's 'pillows' and I also got happy mail today, my Isabella from Sandy and my new pillows from Jenny. Last night during retail therapy, I got silk velvet and procion dyes to dye it. But I need soda ash so I can't do that yet. But I like looking at them.

I've made several sizes of the little quilted squares. I did them the way Teesha does, and I also tried using quilt batting inside and I liked that too. I think that would work great for a purse, it's a little stiffer. I don't know yet how I will get all these random shapes to fit together, but it's fun to think about. I have always enjoyed the problem solving part of crafting. I think that might be why I love painting so much, there is ALWAYS a problem to solve. I think and think. And eventually a solution comes.

The first picture is some art that my Isabella I got from Sandy is looking at in my little downstairs bathroom. It's my "nobody understands me" wall. Sometimes people don't get my paintings. They don't get why I paint horses that look like no horse you ever saw, or why I often paint ladies who have no arms. Isabella is now there to stare them down and hopefully they will shut up.


risa said...

It is good to have the space and time to create when life is hard...for just a little bit it always feels possible to escape the hard stuff. Hope things get easier!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Julie !
I'm glad Isabella has such an important job to do !
I watched one of Teesha's videos ... she is so inspiring

Mary said...

I'm making the Teesha pillows too! Love her videos. I have cotton velvet that I dyed - I've never seen silk velvet but I bet it's pretty.

Jonna said...

Sorry for your trying times and hope it improves for you soon. I love your horse painting...who cares if other's get our artwork if we love it and have fun doing it that is all that really matters.

Jonna said...

p.s. Farkle on !

femminismo said...

Isabella is adorable. So is her bunny. And your stitching is so bright and touchable. I want to fondle it on the screen. I guess I will have to visit Teesha to find out how to do what you are doing. Unless you'll give a lesson?

Kelly said...

Hang in there Jules.. how is the angry inch? See you soon?

Kim Mailhot said...

I love that Isabella graces your bravery wall. I know that feeling of people not quite getting it either. But I am able to find friends who do, which I am so grateful for.
The fabric stuff looks so wonderful ! I am working on focusing where I am right now...fabirc and I will have our time too, I just know it.
Enjoy the sanctuary of that happy creative place.

jone hallmark said...

wow! You are indeed inspired right now!
beautiful! all of it!
I am in love with your little dachsie!
I have had three in my life......and know that they are the best little babies ever! I hope that I will have another one day...(for now, we have BIG dogs)


jenny elkins said...

I love how much you are getting done. I love these periods when everything just seems to happen. Your work is inspiring me to paint. Thanks for sharing my girls. I am so happy you love them.

Victoria Whincup said...

your dog is so so cute!