Monday, March 22, 2010

What I did today

I worked on some paintings. I did a couple more leaf paintings and started another girl painting with flowers and also worked on some ferns. I also painted over several ugly paintings with red, which I find terribly satisfying. I think the old painting's lumpiness helps the new painting be better. See that girl painting, 'In The Garden' in the left hand corner, that's the one I sold a few weeks ago. This one is one I did for myself. It does not quite have the magic of the original, but I can almost forget about how much I miss the original when I look at it. The leaf paintings will be available on etsy. I also did an 18x24 hand embellished print on canvas of that 'In The Garden' painting. It turned out really good, I need to post a picture of that in case someone would like to buy it. I'm sure you are all sick of hearing me whine about selling that painting. :)

I started a sweater for Asher. While we were camping this weekend, Dave took me to Debbie Macomber's yarn store, A Good Yarn in Port Orchard. Gosh it's a neat store. I found a kit for a sweater I want to make Ash, but they were out of his size,( ordered it, they will call me when it comes in) so I bought this Rowan book because I liked this sweater and I already have this yarn. It's that Rowan denim yarn, that fades like denim, and I bought it at least 15 years ago to make a really complicated sweater with about a million cables and after all this time I only have the back done. So I might actually get this one done. I always forget how much I like knitting. A little boy sweater is about as fun as it gets. When it fades a little, it's going to look so good with his blue eyes.


femminismo said...

You are so talented. The girl painting looks as wonderful as the original. The leaves are delightful! Love that blue against the gray (?) wall. Very pretty! And the sweater! I wish I could just remember what sort of knit stitch I'm on so I don't have to take it all apart so often.

Kim Mailhot said...

Gorgeous paintings. They look spectauclar grouped like that on your wall. I don't have enough of my own art work hanging...I do so much of it in my art journal and I have a hard time taking it out of there. Need some canvas work I think...
Happy knitting !

Amalia K said...

Hey Julie! I've always loved your work and now I see they look even more beautiful on the wall... Such lovely hues of blue on the background. (^_^)

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks Jeanne, I commented on your blog a about knitting.
Kim, can you scan work from your journal and print it? I often do that. I know some people think it's weird to have your own work hanging, but it's my criteria for if the painting is good. If I would not hang it in my house, not good. :)
Thank you. I'm just so crazy about those blues and coral right now.