Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An old painting

I sold this painting recently, and I'm sad about it. Hopefully it will be as loved in it's new home as I have loved it.
I keep telling myself I can paint something new that I will love as much
but I don't know.
I don't know how to start without her.


femminismo said...

How sad! I am sure this painting will be loved, though, and everyone who comes near it is sure to ask about the artist and what she's doing now. Maybe she's painting a happy "Lady of the Flowers"? Love ... me

Julie said...

Ugh!! I am so sad when this happens! Most of the time the ones you think are hard to let go are really fine once they are gone. But on the rare occassion that you really miss one that you just sold...: (..yuck...that's happened to me twice...and over time I truly felt better and better about it. I'm sorry for you though. You will definitely be able to paint another just as beautiful. : )

Ayala Art said...

Aw, I know the feeling... it gets hard sometimes! But I am sure it is going to be well loved, it is a very cheery painting :o)