Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An ode to Lempicka and Klimt

I'm taking an online course from Suzi Blu, and this is one of my projects. Of course, it's nothing like what she asked for, but the girl is done in colored pencil, and I worked on using layers. I thought the girl looked sort of Lempicka-ish, and I got the abstract background idea from Klimt. I'm sure he won't mind. Also the two leaves were inspired by Maria Pace Wynters.

My stupid root canal is still hurting, my cheek is yellow and swollen and I feel crappy. I am done with the antibiotics tomorrow, and will see the dentist again tomorrow. I am so worried that we are still not done with this. UGH!


CreativeFlutter said...

She's beautiful!!! I see both references!!! Gorgeous Julie!

Sorry to hear about your tooth. Ouch! Feel better soon!


Tamara C said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!! Stunning!! Wow. Just wow. :)

I'm sorry about your tooth, dear heart. You must have very long roots in those teeth. Good in one way - no spontaneous teeth falling out! But bad for the canals. Urgh. I hope the pain is normal and that the dentist can be done with this! If not...maybe you need a new dentist!

Sending you hugs and love and all my admiration for an amazing piece of art!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I love this direction!!

femminismo said...

Wowee! Will this be for sale in your Etsy shop? - Jeanne

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks Aimee, Julie,Tam,
I am very happy with it. It was amazing how it came together!
Jeanne, I'm gonna keep the original for awhile, it's my first colored pencil thing I've done that I really like.
Thank you, my friends!

Micki said...

She's beautiful, I love what you did with her background.

Sorry to hear your tooth is still giving you trouble, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Micki x

Kaili said...

I love it, she caught my eye straight away while I was browsing through my dashboard. Is she all color pencil?

Martin Pate said...

Two of my favorite artists...nicely done! Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Julie. I just love your work. I should tell you, those leaves are from IKEA fabric that I have EVERYWHERE in my house. I bought an entire bolt for $20 so .... well I had to use it up!
One day, while breastfeeding my youngest I was looking at my drapes and I thought... hmmm that fabric would be perfect for the background of the painting I am working on right now. That painting turned out to be 'I talked To a Crow Today'.
I love painting fabric and sometimes am tempted to ask people if I can take a photo of the blouse they are wearing or their child's dress. I have resisted so far but only just. HA!

Sorry about your tooth, I hope that you are better soon.

ODD imagination said...

So very, very lovely! I recognized the Klimt right away. Are you enjoying taking a class on line? Pros/Cons?

WingingIt said...

i love the leaves in this piece...of course the whole piece is great!
thank you

Renee said...

Ouch to the root canal Julie, but my God the painting is fantastic.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

This is a masterpiece! Love the whole beauty.

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks Micki, Kaili and Martin!
Maria, I do the same thing. I'm ALWAYS thinking about paintings, even when I should be thinking about something else. I wish I had a blot of the IKEA leaf fabric. I'm sure I would love it.
Odd Imagination, I am enjoying the class, it's the second I've taken and I really like the work at your own pace format. Each teacher's personality comes through loud and clear, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I'd reallly like to teach that way myself, so I'm observing it from that direction too. Of course I would teach something else.
Thanks Winging It, Renae and Julie.
My tooth is feeling so much better since I got the stitches out.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Love this painting! And, hope you're mouth feels better : )

Autumn said...

I can't stop looking at this painting--the emotion in it is amazing! A new favorite!!! And tooth pain is simply horrendous. I hope you feel better super fast.