Monday, April 6, 2009

The quilt, a cake plate and some more pictures of Asher

I know, I know, this blog is supposed to be about my art, but isn't he just impossibly cute and sweet and adorable? I am head over heels in love with this child. I know it looks quite dangerous with those knives right above his head in the bath picture, but he can't reach them and I promise we will move them before he can. My kitchen is way too small, but you gotta deal with what you've got, right?
Here is a picture of the quilt, finally, we have had 70 degree days the last two, and so I was able to spread it on the grass. It's Glenna Hailey's pattern, her Sailing, Sailing quilt, there is a link to her blog in my list. Glenna's Gabfest. It was really fun to do, the pinwheels took forever though.

I've also listed a cake plate that I have had forever that I painted years ago. You can see it in my etsy shop.
***Update** The cake plate is sold.


tascha said...

He is so darling!

I just checked the Studio magazine again, it is you for sure because it has your signature on it. It's the Spring / Summer 2009 issue.

Naija said...


he is may show your boy as much you wish :)

Naija said...


come and have a look at my tildablog

Diane said...

that baby is pure Art!!! What a living doll!

Maria said...

He's gorgeous Julie :) Lovely quilt also, cheers, Maria

Janine said...

The cake plate is very nice, love it! But that baby is the cutest! How precious!