Thursday, March 12, 2009

Naked City Taphouse Artwalk tomorrow in Greenwood

I'm doing an artwalk show tomorrow at the Naked City Taphouse in Greenwood area of Seattle.
Here is the link to the Phinney Neighborhood blog.

This is one of the new paintings, "In Alicia's Dreams, Everything Is All Right In The World" It is 9x12" on board and will be for sale at the Taphouse.

Kelsi drew the little houses and skinnied up Alicia's legs. For some reason I always draw fat legs.
I have been working like crazy, I have done 11 new paintings in the last few days and have 3 more almost done, plus I finished a comission (thanks Kim)
I'll try to remember to take pictures after I hang everything and post them here. I have 9 in a series that I want to hang in a row, straight, and our laser level thing is dead. Argh.

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Diane said...

just found your site! Love your work! Your titles make me smile.