Sunday, February 15, 2009

My latest busy-ness

I have the twelve sailboat blocks done on the Sailing, Sailing baby quilt for our new baby that's coming. Right now his name is Harley, but it keeps changing. I have to make about 27 more 3x3" pinwheels and then I can sew it all together. I can see now why people like piecing. I appeals to my sense of order, somehow. It might be because the rest of my life is so chaotic, I like sewing those perfect little pieces of cut fabric together.
Dave and I bought a 25' 5th wheel trailer yesterday. It is a 1988, so it was not very expensive and I am SO excited. It needs a little work, but it is so cozy and I think we will be having loads of fun with it soon. Maybe I will post when we get the work done. I want to make new curtains, and maybe put a pergo floor in. Turquoise and Orange curtains and pillows I am thinking... I have not told Dave yet. :) But mostly I just want to go camping with him at the ocean with the dogs. Pure heaven!
I am also working on some paintings for my sister-in-law, Erica, and I hope she likes them. I do love trees.

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Deirdra Doan said...

I have fixed up so many trailers, campers etc. I even posted some pics on my blog this past summer.

I really love your painting style!! I am working on my studio now and finishing illustrations for a children's book I wrote so I can get it off to publishers to play the wait and see game..and the yes we want your book game!!

I want to make prints of my paintings. Can you tell me how you do it? Paper, printer, ink? I opened a Etsy and haven't made prints yet. Where do you sell the origninals?

I know your new dolls are going to be so so so cute!!!