Monday, July 7, 2008

More Big Doings In The Carport

This is a sofa that Dave made for Kelsi in the carport this weekend She is going to use this (color Taupe) cushion from Urban Outfitters. It will be painted white and beige (stripes we think) and I'm making some big cushions for the back and two bolster ones for the side. They are getting a new apartment in the next few weeks and since all their furniture is still in GA, they needed something to sit on. Dave made it so they can store stuff in it. Isn't it cool?

I have a few new paintings done, and I will post them soon, but waiting for good pics.


Belinda Del Pesco said...

That is very cool. Can I place a few orders for some furniture too? :o)
(Mister Magoo sends Flight a big smooch. Zoe too.)

Susan Pankow Original Artwork said...

Hi! You may remember meeting me at the Tacoma Ballet Art show last August. It was my first show ever and you were so encouraging. You had mentioned you may have some tips on getting my art out there. I have actually followed your advice and set up a blog with google. I am totally blog illiterate so feel free to comment on ways I should improve. I have recently sold a few paintings on ebay which was exciting. Thanks so much for the postitive input! Hope we can talk again soon.
Susan Pankow
(my blog is Susan Pankow Original Artwork)