Friday, March 14, 2008

Kelsi inspires me/a work in progress

My girls have more talent in thier little fingers than I have in my whole being. Alas! I am the one with the time and the means to paint and they have to work out in the real world.

When Kelsi moved back here from GA, she brought two paintings that are not finished that I just adore. The one above is unfinished, but I love it even unfinished and it inspired me to do a version, although mine is stiffer and not nearly as good. I did paint my own nest though, and will paint some birds, hers are collaged. Mine is not nearly finished but thought I would share the beginning. Hers is the white background, mine the gold. Anyway, wanted to share what goes on here, we feed on each other. nibble nibble.

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annejulie said...

I really like your stuff, I love your Etsy shop as well :)

Happy easter!