Thursday, February 21, 2008

Min and Two Birds 9x12 Box Frame

This is a small version of a painting I have hanging in my living room. It has all my current favorite colors, turqouise, orange, magenta. If I can motivate my lazy self, I should take a picture of the original, which is 24x36". Sometimes I enjoy repeating a painting in a different size, especially if I am stressed and feeling uninspired. All of which are true of me right now.


Karen Kearney said...

Don't be stressed Julie!! Spring is right around the corner! I love the colors in this one... "Orly" is lovely. Have a good week end.
Big Hug

Rebecca said...

Hi Julie,

I'm bestowing upon you a "You Rock my Art World" award. There really are no rules, you can pass it along or not, display the award or not. It's just really to let you know that I find your work inspirational & that you are amazingly talented & that I am so fortunate to have discovered your work.

Also, we're in the same ebay group. Prim & Whimsy Girls. I just discovered that a few days ago!

Anyway, you can view the award here.


alkemilla said...

Hi Julie!
There's a pretty gift for you on my blog, come and get a look(

You work is always enchanting. I love it so...