Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Frequently asked questions:

"Why do you list your paintings on ebay for only 99 cents?"

Usually the 99 cent paintings are my favorites of the bunch. I usually feel confident that they will do well, but sometimes I am wrong about what people will like.
The best answer is that it's fun and exciting. Sometimes someone gets a painting for not very much. Just recently one sold for $1.04. That might seem crazy, as you know I spent some hours and there are more than that in materials. But usually, people who get a painting like that are so thrilled and surprised that it really is a pretty painting they become loyal customers forever.

"How many hours a week do you spend painting?"

It depends, but I would say 25 to 30 hours.

"Is it hard to see your paintings fly away?"

Not any more. I find that the more I sell, the more I paint, and it is fun and humbling to see how much people like my work. It just makes me work harder.

"What is your favorite subject?"

I'm surprised that everyone does not know that it is women and girls, secondly flowers. :)

"What does Mister Bella Luna think of all this?"

He is very supportive and takes my pictures and sets up all sorts of things for me. I could not do it without him.

"Do you have children? Are they artistic?"

Yes, and yes. I have 3, all grown and moved away, but I can happily report that they are all amazingly talented and have their own style. They are all wonderful decorators. You should see their cute houses. Maybe I should go take some pictures so you can see.

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Karen said...

Julie..nice to see you painting again..Your new work is lovely. I stll love to look at my little beach girl ACEO's I bought from you!